It's been awhile since I last drafted a blog post. I have just been caught up with a lot of work and gigs lately that I have neglected to do my other passion, which is writing. If we were to catch up with friends or meet up with someone for either personal or business reasons,… Continue reading HANG OUT SPOTS AROUND MAKATI



Hello to everyone who celebrated Valentines Day with their partners, friends and family. Hoping that you guys had a great one. You may have spent it alone in bliss or with your friends for life, whatever suits you best and just to remind everyone that Valentines is not the only day you should tell people… Continue reading HAPPY VALENTINES DAY


I literally have no words to describe how awesome it is to have lived in this world for two decades. I have done many things in my life and have accomplished multiple goals that I’m proud of. Imagine living life with no regrets. Through the years I have discovered many things in life that are… Continue reading 20 THINGS I’VE LEARNED IN 20 YEARS


Words are enough to express the feelings of the heart. Thank you for everyone’s kind words, heartfelt wishes, and beautiful messages. It really made my day memorable. I celebrated by 20th Birthday last January 6, 2018 - it was indeed a day to remember. I have reached another milestone in my life and I couldn’t… Continue reading CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF EXISTENCE

Happy Alone

As you read this, I'm heading to Makati to get coffee. Of course, I had my usual Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. I stayed there for quite sometime. Going out alone is normal for me. Some people may even ask me why I always go out alone. Going out or traveling with a friend can… Continue reading Happy Alone

One Day Trip

It's finally the weekend, which means I have all the time in the world to rest and recuperate the exhaustion that I had from the past week. We were invited to my best friend's tita's birthday celebration in Sta. Rosa Laguna. There's nothing like spending quality time with good friends over the weekend, right ?… Continue reading One Day Trip

Pride Day

Pride Month was not born to celebrate our gender preference, but to recognize our right to exist without persecution. The Pride Parade was held in Marikina. My friends and I wanted to attend the celebration, but it is way too far from our vicinity. We initially planned on going, however we skipped the parade and… Continue reading Pride Day

Bonifacio Global City + Makati City

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I have just woken up from a nap. I jumped out of bed and literally stared at myself in the mirror for 10 minutes. Something's quite not right. There I fathomed that I needed a haircut. I've decided it's best to get a fresh trim, since I'm going… Continue reading Bonifacio Global City + Makati City

Gone with the Rain

Nothing special happened this week and it kinda sucks. I was hoping to go out this weekend, but the weather kept me from having fun. A cloudy forecast on a daily is a struggle, but it's very soothing.  Before the week ends, I was caught up with planning how I want to spend my weekend.… Continue reading Gone with the Rain

The Weekend Effect

The level of exhaustion I had last week was insane. I have been constantly sleepless for the past five days, luckily I have the whole weekend to rest and kind of have fun. I woke up from a nine hour sleep and that really made me feel well-rested. I woke up filled with so much… Continue reading The Weekend Effect