Hello to everyone who celebrated Valentines Day with their partners, friends and family. Hoping that you guys had a great one. You may have spent it alone in bliss or with your friends for life, whatever suits you best and just to remind everyone that Valentines is not the only day you should tell people you care about that you love them. You should always make them feel loved and cared about every day. To those who have been through hell and back, this is the best time to recuperate and rise back from the ashes. Treat each day as a new and humble beginning.

Chinese New Year had passed and with it comes a host of superstitions which will dictate how the Year of the Dog will play for each and everyone of us. Two Celebrations in one week is an expensive week indeed. However this does not imply that during these occasions, you’re required to spend thousands of money to make someone special or to celebrate. My friends and I decided to opt out of going out on our date during Valentines, because it’s exhausting to compete with all the couples in Manila in terms of travelling. We all just stayed at home, binged watch series, and all that. On the other hand, the global celebration of Chinese New Year are an explosion of light and sound, involving bell ringing, lighting firecrackers and watching traditional lion dances. Last week, malls were filled with heart shaped ornaments and lanterns to commemorate these occasions which are very timely in our “Millennial Generation” and since it has been a Filipino Tradition.

Strolling around Bonifacio High Street has been a staple within our clique. The city offers a very nice ambience that welcomes people to relax and enjoy every corner of it. Thanks to Uber and Grab which offered multiple discounts for our fare which helped a lot for us who are on a fixed allowance. We also took advantage of Booky’s Coupon Codes to get a free drink for us to gulp and enjoy ! The city is beautiful, but it’s enormous, and of course at some point in the day, our legs will be sore from walking, good thing Central Square has couches for us to really relax from our non stopsight seeing” – *gigantic sigh of relief*



Another reason for me being unable to draft any posts at all is because I have been really preoccupied lately, a lot of things have been going on in my mind, things happened in life which are completely unexpected in a somehow negative way, and I’m just trying to look at the brighter side of things. There’s always gonna be challenges that will come about and it’s either we take it on a positive note or not. Things break me down as well, but I’m back with a new short content !



How do you guys normally celebrate Valentines and Chinese New Year ? Let me know in the comments


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