Pride Day

Pride Month was not born to celebrate our gender preference, but to recognize our right to exist without persecution.

The Pride Parade was held in Marikina. My friends and I wanted to attend the celebration, but it is way too far from our vicinity. We initially planned on going, however we skipped the parade and had dinner instead. That doesn’t mean we do not care about this milestone our community has reached, it’s just that we’re thinking of other options to celebrate it without being physically exhausted.

I slept at seven in the morning and it feels like I’ve only been sleeping for an hour, when in fact, I had like nine hours of rest. It’s Kim Sabino, whom I should be meeting up at Guadalupe and meet halfway with Thomas Solis at Bonifacio Global City.

Kim and I arrived at Market-Market at around five in the afternoon and stayed there for a little while, since it had been continuously pouring outside. After the rain had stopped, we went to SM Aura in order to look around clothing stores and the like. We were supposed to have dinner at Frankie’s, however it’s too crowded for our liking.

It’s been almost an hour and Thomas still hasn’t arrived. We tried calling him, and asked an alternative on where we’re gonna eat. The usual option left is Yabu. We headed to Yabu and had our seats taken. It’s always the same ambiance when we walk in to Yabu. The friendly staff and the warm scent of Katsu.



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