One Day Trip

It’s finally the weekend, which means I have all the time in the world to rest and recuperate the exhaustion that I had from the past week.

We were invited to my best friend’s tita’s birthday celebration in Sta. Rosa Laguna. There’s nothing like spending quality time with good friends over the weekend, right ? When we arrived in Laguna, we immediately helped in setting up the party. We pumped balloons, and decorated the place. It’s not only a birthday celebration, but also a despedida party compressed into one.

We basically had an amazing time, despite being sleepless that day, nothing can stop us from having a good time. After the party has ended, we headed back to Manila which only took us a good hour, knowing that it’s on a weekend and there isn’t too much traffic jam, unlike on regular weekdays. We were supposed to meet up with our other friends the same night, however we were just too tired that we just decided to go straight home and meet up with them next weekend. How did you guys spend your weekend ?

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