Happy Alone

As you read this, I'm heading to Makati to get coffee. Of course, I had my usual Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

I stayed there for quite sometime. Going out alone is normal for me. Some people may even ask me why I always go out alone. Going out or traveling with a friend can be a rewarding experience and can be a lot of fun. But it's just that I have

just as much fun going out alone. It's a different experience, but no less enjoyable. Being alone puts my life into perspective. I learn my strengths and my weaknesses. I have a lot of room for improvement. I discover opportunities.

These are one of my takeaways from finding bliss while alone


You need to learn that you don't need the approval of other people to be considered valuable. You don't exist to validate their opinions.

Always remember that you chose to be alone and that's okay. It really is a choice to make.

It's easy to find someone to spend quality time with, but if you have high standards and ownership for the things you want to do in your own way, then being accompanied by someone is not necessary.


Value your own opinion more than anyone else. If you knew the answer to the problem than you have, what would it be ? There more time you ask yourself for advice, the less you start to need input from others.

You are your own teacher and you can learn the best things and takeaways in life on your own.


To truly enjoy being alone, learn to look at ordinary situations in a different perspective. Try and take a look at it from a new lens. Go to the park and watch the children go up and down the seesaw, watch people walk their pets. Go to the grocery and watch how people shop for their necessities.

Every time you go out, make n effort to understand the people who surround you. Learning how these people operate and how these people come about will make you more connected.


The world is a busy place, unless you take a moment to step back from it once in a while. It's easy to forget how nice it is to simply lay down and enjoy your own company.

Take a moment to relax and appreciate everything that is not happening around you.
Go to a movie alone. Get used to doing things alone that society says is made for two. Have a great dinner out all by yourself. Take yourself on dates, and don't forget to treat yourself.


Each and everyone of us has an inner voice that talks to them at all hours of all days. It's basically our ego reminding us that you're not alone.

When you do something bad and you feel guilty, it's your conscience talking. It sounds weird to talk to yourself, but you're only considered crazy, when you talk back to yourself.


You get but a few short trips around the sun, then it's over. Don't wait for a tragedy to happen, before you realize how beautiful this world is. Cherish every moment and interaction.

Time alone is important and beautiful, but so is time spent with loved ones. There's no such thing as a boring situation, if you're bored, it only means to say that you're not paying attention.
Take an interest in every person who comes into you life, even if it's just for a split second. Listen to what they say. Try to understand them as a person.


In a world that is often filled with noise, you've been given silence. This would be the right time to reaffirm the path that your life is on. Avoid mindless consumption.
You must always be happy and fulfilled with everything that you do. Being alone is the perfect opportunity to create the direction you want to take in your life.


The purpose of your life doesn't have to be complex and earth shattering. It doesn't have to be big or overwhelming. It only needs to be present. If it's apparent, then it would be a lot easier to pursue.

Pursue these plans immediately, the longer you wait, the harder it is to get started in pursuing these plans. Planning tells a lot about a person's personality. It puts their lives into perspective and you will see who has their lives put together despite the struggles.




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