Words are enough to express the feelings of the heart. Thank you for everyone’s kind words, heartfelt wishes, and beautiful messages. It really made my day memorable. I celebrated by 20th Birthday last January 6, 2018 – it was indeed a day to remember. I have reached another milestone in my life and I couldn’t thank you enough. For the Man up there who has blessed me with so much. Thank you. To my dearest friends and family, thank you. It’s not easy to put up with me, I tend to be difficult to be with and I highly appreciate those people who are very patient with me.

Let’s start off my special day on a trip to Antipolo City, Pinto Art Museum. This museum is the doorway and the stairway into modern and traditional arts, nature and life. Everything about the place is ineffable. I fell in love with it the first I came which is about two years ago and I just keep coming back.

I specifically asked everyone whom I invited to wear anything black and white. Not only that it’s chic and classy. It gives your outfit more detail and construct. Some went along with my dress code and some did not.

Even though we have been here multiple times already, it still amazes us the beauty that is Pinto Art Museum. Despite the gloomy and drizzly weather, nothing’s gonna stop us from having a fun time. The smell of freshly mowed grass and light drizzle from the heavens made it feel like you’re in Bali, Indonesia.

Café Rizal has served us delicious and scrumptious meals to suffice the energy we consumed from viewing the art works and from going up and down the stairs from this 1.5 Hectare of massive land of artwork. We were very tired from the tired, but the food made it all worth it.

What’s a birthday celebration without a little intoxication of alcohol, right ? We went directly to En Route Distillery in Tomas Morato, Quezon City to have a little drink, though I might have gone a little overboard. We had a fun night and I don’t regret a single shot of alcohol I had taken. My friends yet again were forced to take me home, since I was drunk. Thank you guys for being very responsible with your very irresponsible friend.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to see me grow and blossom into a man who embraces his femininity. My 20th birthday marks the end of teenage and the beginning of adulthood. It is a very special day my life because on this I cherish the old moments filled with love, care and shelter but now I’m is moving towards adulthood where I will be loaded with responsibilities and independence of thought and expression.


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