In Time

We were addicted to each other And to the feelings that follow Comfort, warmth, and carefree bliss Drowned in love, drunk in a swallow Maybe that's all there was to it We were intoxicated from our fascination Sucks to know that our hearts don't fit For the other without cessation We were drawn into love… Continue reading In Time


Why Dating Today is a Struggle

I have been caught up with a lot of stuff lately. My mind is pretty much preoccupied this past few weeks. I was not able to squeeze in time to draft blog posts due to my hectic schedule. But, I’m back with a new entry. In today's generation, dating is very rare. Most people are… Continue reading Why Dating Today is a Struggle

Strangers with Memories

There will come a time that you will meet a random person out of no where. Your heart beats faster thinking you have finally met that one person who will change the course of your life. He compliments how nice your smile is and how beautiful it can be if your lips are press into… Continue reading Strangers with Memories

Topics You Should Avoid on a First Date

I realize that thinking of a first date as a job interview isn't very sexy, but let's be real - in a first date scenario. Clearly you've got to enhance your resumé. I'm very sure that most people aren't experienced enough when it comes to dating. Besides, dating is very rare and often unusual to… Continue reading Topics You Should Avoid on a First Date

To Those Struggling to Fall Out of Love

I've been in love before and honey it's one of the best feelings ever. It puts your life into perspective. Love is a wonderful idea that brings you so much joy and happiness. But . . . What happens when the spark that you two started starts to run out ? How will you bring… Continue reading To Those Struggling to Fall Out of Love

You Have a Choice to Leave

It's just not healthy to spend the rest of your life chasing after somebody who simply isn't interested being with you. So at some point you will need to move on. You realize that there's more to life than the man who broke your heart. You realize that if it really was true love, it… Continue reading You Have a Choice to Leave