My life mostly revolves around the web and it’s crazy how the world of internet shaped my life. It would be totally crazy if I were to say that I didn’t enjoy living my life off of the internet. There are aspects of my pre-social media lifestyle that have a certain appeal, and I’m sure most people in my generation can relate. Most people these days can’t comprehend why leaving our mobile phones at home is such a big deal. Let’s get real here, we all don’t want to miss out on the latest fashion trends to keep yourselves in check, the hot gossip to be up to date with pop culture, and the memes that reflect our lives.

No one shared pictures of food.

Back then, from what I know is the only people who take pictures of food were food photographers who actually get paid to take pictures of food.

We were never tagged in gawd-awful photos.

Back in the day, somebody might catch you with your eyes half-closed or your mouth half-open on a Polaroid, and it sucked, but at least it sucked privately.

We had to manually turn our clocks and set alarms.

Ever wondered how difficult this was before ? This shit is hardcore. Missing the school bus and  just ended up being dropped of by your parents.

We had to go to the store to get our photos printed in order to see them.

Then they had to share them with friends in physical albums. In person. With no filter. I can’t imagine myself with no filter.

Everyone was literally unreachable before.

This takes my breath away just by thinking about it. We literally had to meet up with everyone to finish school projects.

We write everything down.

Most of us wrote down our deep inner thoughts and feelings into a piece of paper, therefore ending up buying an expensive moleskin diary in National Bookstore.

Does anyone remember pay phones ?

The germ-infested and public communication device for when you need to call your parents to come pick you up either from the mall or in school. This is also why we have to keep coins in our pockets all the time.

You actually take note of television airings.

Commercials matter the most, since they show the schedule of the programs you love to binge watch, despite watching one episode per week and if you miss out on one episode, you have to wait for the satellite airing.

We had to go to music outlets to buy the hottest albums and renting movies in Video City.

Then forgetting to return the DVD. I bet we’ve all been here.

Newspapers were actually used to get the news.

Now that there’s YouTube and Twitter to get all the latest news instantly, newspapers are best used for arts and crafts projects. All tea, all shade.

We didn’t have to sift through “fake news”

— or roll our eyes at people who posted it. Before the internet, we all got our news from reliable outlets.

We didn’t have the opportunity to stalk.

If someone has dropped out of our lives, chances are there’s a good reason — like, I don’t know, they’re assholes.

What does it feel like to be the last generation to remember life before internet ? 


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