It’s time to dig out your cutoffs and breezy dresses—warm weather has finally arrived. Despite the rainy days in the metro, the weather on most days pretty much sums up that it’s already summer ! The scorching summer sun can cause you to sweat, get dehydrated and even break out into a heat rash. However, you can prevent some of these problems by dressing smart and wearing the right clothes to beat the heat. As I scroll through the feed of majority of the Summer Collection Runways, pastel and stripes is the go to pattern for this season.

Palm Tree Realness

As what you might have noticed in your favourite Instagrammers and Bloggers, any outfit that has floral, and Hawaiian inspired prints are very much in trend. Hop on the ride and slay your best prints forward.

Fedora { Forever 21 }

Polo { Topman }

Shorts { Uniqlo }

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air. Anything cotton really helps you in cooling down during the immense heat.

Light Colours

Light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting clothes are the best for promoting the absorption of sweat. You stay cooler because more air passes over your body. Wearing a Iight-colored hat will further limit sun exposure and keep you cooler.

Sunglasses { RayBan }

Striped Shirt { Uniqlo }

Dry Fit Shorts { Forever 21 }

Shady Lady

A statement accessory that is for sure a trendy piece, sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses can always pimp up your style and take it to the next level. Not only that it will make you look cool and fresh, but also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Cap or Hat

What is summer without having to wear any type of cap or sun hat, right ? Wether you’re out and about at the beach, or just going out in the middle of the day, this can also stand as a statement piece on your basic outfit.

Models Involved

Dominique Tuazon – @tuazondominique

Jean Mae Curimao – @cjeanmae


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