In the midst of my hectic schedule, I was invited by one of my dearest friends since grade school, Allysha Chloe Punzal to attend their Tanggap Exhibit in LRI Design Plaza. Thank you for everyone who attended the exhibit and to all the artists, you did great. I hope you guys learned a lot from my talk.

The exhibit showcased a lot of images, videos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other forms of art that depict social acceptance. Defining Social Acceptance as the traditional way of dressing, talking, dating and the like. We live in a very diverse community, in today’s generation people define Social Acceptance as the ability to adapt and tolerate each other’s differences.

I grew up in a family who is very normative. Especially, on my father’s side and it was never easy. Growing up, I felt like I’m caring a huge boulder behind my back thinking that I also need to be like them. Imagine growing up with uncles who were in the Military. I also have five brothers. It was never easy. At that time I was still young an I know nothing about homosexuality. But what I know is that I’m different. Growing up I tend to shy away from gay people when I see one. I feel uncomfortable. It takes one to know one. Being the closeted gay that I am, I don’t want to be outed by anyone.

It took me awhile to know who I am and who I like. Self love and acceptance is a process and it starts within yourself.

Everyone worries too much, who doesn’t? We worry about what people might think of us, and these people also worry about what you think of then. In reality, no one worries about you, but yourself. Honey, you don’t need to dress a certain way, you don’t need to talk a certain way to be accepted by society. You know yourself better than anyone. We need to learn not to categorise people. Stop putting labels on people. We are not objects, we are human beings. We try so hard to be accepted by society. Have you already even accepted yourself? Start loving yourself, then it would be a lot easier for other people to know the real you. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Let girls be masculine and Let boys me feminine. We are who we are today because of who we are in the past. Let those past experiences mold you into becoming a better person. Never let alone tell you what you need to do in life. You were not born and raised to validate their opinions. I’m flawed, imperfect but I’m beautiful in my own eyes.


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