In Time

We were addicted to each other

And to the feelings that follow

Comfort, warmth, and carefree bliss

Drowned in love, drunk in a swallow

Maybe that’s all there was to it

We were intoxicated from our fascination

Sucks to know that our hearts don’t fit

For the other without cessation

We were drawn into love that is a game

Left with a fiery passion or a blown out flame

Our next move was contemplative

And our flame now sedated

We were in a test to know what’s best

We loved each other, nothing more, nothing less

We stand deflated, no longer drunk

But excruciatingly sober

Because that’s all there was to it

We both have reached our limit

Heart as cold as the Arctic polar

Causing you to rain down in fervent hues

Of yellows and blues

And every contradictory color

Yet my mind is often saturated by emotion

It was the spell casted by your potion

It was your decision

Our hearts met in an instant collision

And here I am, all alone

Waiting for an attack of a rook or move of a pawn

Just a split moment and you were gone

Come back and I’ll be drawn

I’ve given you pieces of me I’ve never given myself

And now I go back home to shelter thy self

You wanna know how I got these damn scars ?

See, I swallowed my pride, and it clawed its way out of my mouth

A part of me still misses you

I hope you do too despite the blue

I tried to turn the page, but I’m stuck in this chapter

What do I do after all of this is over ?

I’ll have great happy moments and just when I thought everything was fine

The feelings always come back, its just a matter of time

People will say that the solution to my problem is just self love

Well it’s not that easy like seeing a flying dove

These thoughts tend to hit me late at night

And that’s when I write

That’s when it kicks again

The overwhelming drive of emotion and pain

I don’t know why

I’m drenched in our past

That this would be the last

The next time you cast

Make it fast

One day I’ll look back and it won’t hurt anymore

I’ll be able to look back and not feel so sore

It’ll get easier, of that I’m sure

For time will serve as my cure


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