Summer in October

It may not be the best time, but it will always be one of the all time greats. Imagine being exhausted for an entire week and then just letting all the frustrations out on trip.

My colleagues and I went to Anawangin Cove in Zambales, which is one of the most talked about tourist destinations to pass by. It has been awhile since the last time I’ve gone to the beach and the feeling remains the same. What’s a road trip without a little karaoke in the van, right ? We sang a lot of songs on shuffle from classic OPMs to Millennial Pop. We arrived around twelve in the afternoon and was able to get to the other island about two hours after. The waves call me upon our arrival. It was indeed a gloomy October to begin with, but that won’t stop us from having fun. It was just short trip, but we made sure that we can make the most out of it. I can only imagine how difficult it is for some people to squeeze in getaways with their hectic schedules, but everyone should always know when to take a break. We swam around, we played volleyball, we had an awesome time, let’s just say that.

As it breaks dawn, the wind starts to feel a lot colder and the clouds start to clear out, there makes way stars that twinkle. The stars were so bright and it puts my life into perspective, knowing that I’m just a part of this majestic world. The moon and the stars shine upon us as we drink throughout the night by the shore with out lit bonfire. I passed out early, so I had to go to our tent. It was not the most comfortable way to rest, but I made it through that night. Barely making it though. I couldn’t help but wake up from time to time, and the island was literally pitch black. The only light that gives way to the path is the stars. Everyone went to sleep and I apparently woke up at one in the morning, then everyone woke up around three. We sat near the shore with our lit bonfire talking about how lucky and blessed we are to be able to enjoy this moment together. We were basically talking about our lives in general. The clock ticks at five and we took off our clothes and put on our swimming gear to take a morning dip. We just stayed in the water for ours until it’s time for breakfast. The others went up the mountain to enjoy the overlooking view of Zambales. There came the sunrise, which was utterly beautiful. I couldn’t help myself from taking continuos shots of it. Capturing moments for memories to moments.

We did a lot of things during our stay. Around twelve in the afternoon, we went at the other side of the island to enjoy the cold and refreshing water of the fall. It was a long walk to get to the waterfall, but it was totally worth it. The current was fast enough to sweep you away. Guess who slipped in. An attempt to jump from the waterfall and ended up in bruises ?

I really don’t have much to say, the photos speak for themselves.


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