My Ideal Day

Up to this day very day, I'm really not sure as to how I would describe my perfect day.

I've always tried writing down and visualizing my perfect day which is a fantastic exercise and it has helped me a lot in figuring out what I really want and what I value the most in life.

I am going to describe how my perfect day would be. I wake up early in the sunshine – in time to see the sunrise most days. Heading down to grab myself a bowl of oatmeal and a tall glass of cold water. I don't really physically exercise every morning, but if I have the luxury of time, then I will. On most days, preparing breakfast is literally one of the most soothing activities that one can do. Imagine making fried rice, frying honeycomb bacon, scrambled eggs and getting a tall glass of orange juice on a weekend morning, right ?




I stay at home most of the time and just re-watch movies and series from my laptop all day. I usually just stay in bed with either a book or my phone. After reading, my eyes get tired, so I just take a nap right after. Then, an hour of scrolling through social media should suffice on getting the latest trends in fashion.
The clock ticks at four in the afternoon and my initial reaction is to go out and have fluffy pancakes at Pancake House. Pancake House is one of the best restaurants out there and I will never get tired of going back. I even had free mini pancakes for taking their survey, which I had for takeout.



A perfect day never starts and never ends without a cup of coffee. I went ahead to this gem in town, Mozaic Living Café. The first time I stepped into its door, I was completely mesmerized by its ambience and beauty. The café reeks of caffeine and freshly baked goodies. The coffee is just average in taste, nothing too shabby. The furniture pieces are for sale yet you can enjoy the comfort like you're in your own home. Magazines that aren't usually available in some bookstores can also be found in Mozaic Living Café.





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