Gone with the Rain

Nothing special happened this week and it kinda sucks. I was hoping to go out this weekend, but the weather kept me from having fun. A cloudy forecast on a daily is a struggle, but it’s very soothing. 

Before the week ends, I was caught up with planning how I want to spend my weekend. The continuous sudden changes of the weather hindered me from going out. I thought about just staying at home and keeping myself dry. I literally slept through the weekend. There were no invites to go out and have fun, which is unexpected from my friends.

I was accompanied by a great book throughout the weekend. Let’s get lost in world of books and rainy days. This gloomy weather is literally so inviting. I find so much joy when it rains. The dark shadows it cast and the cold breeze it brings humbles me.

The clock ticks at exactly 6pm and my boredom finally led me to the decision to go out by myself and just look around. I left home at exactly 7pm and I went to Makati City to stroll around Greenbelt, Glorietta, and Landmark. There were not too much to look at in SM Makati, so I didn’t bother going there. I had dinner at S&R and I had my usual Pepperoni Pizza. I literally had to wait for 30 minutes before I was  able to order my food. The malls were literally jam-packed, given that it’s a Sunday.

What did you this rainy weekend?

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