Monday Madness

The sun has risen and it’s time to move. It’s always a dilemma for me to whether be productive or not be productive. I always have this feeling in mind if whatever I’m doing in my life is worth living for.

It’s always a struggle for me and to most people I know to wake up in the morning and do errands. I have the whole day to do all the requirements that I need. It was around eight in the morning when I walked in to my first stop and it literally just took me about fifteen minutes to finish that one up. Then I just continued to follow the other steps that I need to take and I completely lost track of the time. I glanced at my watch and it’s already three in the afternoon. This day has been completely exhausting.

After a tiring yet productive day, I rushed into bed and took a nap. Two to three hours later, I received a message from one of my faves Dianne Gabriel. I took a shower and headed to McDonald’s, since that’s where we will be meeting up.

We headed straight to the mall to claim our Liao Iiao Yogurt. Since the weather is constantly changing, but it’s mostly sunny, this is a perfect way to keep cool in this heat. I had a mix of strawberries, mangoes, and kiwis in my yogurt topped with white chocolate. This combination is their best-seller and it tastes absolutely divine.

We sat down at Bread Talk. We talked about work and school, how life is such a massive struggle, and all the usual conversations “millennials” have. I have been getting a lot of side eyes, side comments, and head turns, most probably because I’m a dude wearing crop top. I also wanted to make a statement that “Fashion is for Everybody” and to “Stop Gender Stereotypes” that only men can wear this and only women can wear that. As long as you’re comfortable with your style, as long as you embrace your diversity, and most importantly, as long as you’re happy with what you’re wearing, opinions don’t matter.

We then went to Satchmi before we went home. It’s a vintage record store that exudes grunge vibes. It’s ambiance is totally cozy and extremely chic that makes you want to stay for several hours and chill with a cup of coffee. Their price does not live up to our typical Starbucks, so that means you can save more cash. 


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