Pinto Art Museum

Set of white statues and towers place themselves in front of us. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be doorways and paths waiting to reveal more hidden gems.

This was the first ever Philippine museum I have been to and I was not disappointed. Located at the heart of Antipolo, the museum was indeed captivating. Pinto Art Museum is the gateway for modern and contemporary art.

This denotes that you don’t need to travel far to get a taste of something fresh and new. It was a two-hour drive from Manila to Antipolo and it felt like we were on the road for more than that. It was a cloudy morning in Manila that day, I sent my friends a text message that I wanna go to the museum. An hour before noon, we headed to Antipolo. As we got there, we immediately took photos. We explored the whole museum.

If I were to describe the museum in one word, it would be “ineffable” for you will literally run out of words to say when you’re there. The vibrant green grass and trees with the warm white walls really compliment the setting. Whatever color of outfit you’re wearing, it will definitely match your feed.

There were couches in the area and beds with white sheets which are similar to the ones I have at home. It’s exhausting to tour around the museum, but looking at the photos we have, I can say that it really was worth it. The art works of indigenous groups were there: paintings, sculptures, potteries and the like.

You can either eat at the cafe near the entrance or the one on the other side of the museum. The food is quite pricy for an average person, but for the sake of Instagram, we went for it. I’m not one to say, but the food was actually worth every penny.



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