Lunch Date and Night Out

My friend Nathalie and I have been planning this lunch date for weeks. It’s difficult to rekindle with great friends when you have academic priorities, however I felt like it’s time to take a little break from school, despite finals is in two weeks.

It’s a usual sunny weekend in Makati and I actually arrived an hour early. I went to Greenbelt 5 at the top floor so I can sit down and go through my phone. I was texting my friend who has just left her appointment. She told me to meet here downstairs, and so I went down and I finally saw her. We hugged and laughed. I even borrowed her strobing stick to give my cheeks a pop of highlight.

We went around and took photos. We’re just in time for Gold Hour so we were able to take great photos. I was also vlogging that time and that lighting really helped. After taking who knows how many photos, we went to Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken to eat. As the millennial Instagrammers that we are, we stayed outside, so we can continue taking photos under good lighting. It was a bit humid, but looking at the photos, it was very much worth it.


The same day, I have an OPM Gig to attend with my dearest friend Maria Paula whom is my alcohol buddy since day one. We met somewhere in the city and we had to book an uber to go to the venue. It was a Saturday night and I was expecting a little over heavy traffic, but the travel went smoothly. We have finally arrived at the venue and it was jam packed like crazy.

We went inside to get our free drink, and it was a massive struggle to get inside the bar. We are non-beer drinkers, however that’s the only drink we can get from the free voucher. We had flavored beer to kind of ooze the taste. I met an old friend of mine at the bar and greeted him with a smile. He looks happier and contented and I’m happy for him.

The gig kicked off with Ben & Ben whom I thought were both great artists. Aia de Leon also performed that night with one of her best classics “Sundo” and ending it with an ethnic song called “Rain Song”

It was one hell of a night indeed. Drinks and sweat were everywhere. From my perspective, everyone had a great time at Gabi na Naman Productions Second Anniversary.


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